Saturday, April 12, 2008

Opening Prayer

I will be worship leading tomorrow and while preparing the slides, I need to include an Opening Prayer. I went searching for one online. I could not find any - I must be looking at the wrong places and so I came up with my own.

Opening Prayer
We remember, like a familiar fragrance,
Our hearts in gladness we adore;
The beauty of Your awesome presence,
Humbly we come to You once more.

Almighty God, O Eternal God,
You are our Strength and our Redeemer;
You open rivers on the bare of heights,
And the dry land fountains of water.

So we come, one body to worship,
Our God, the Heavenly Father;
The Son who lives, the Holy Spirit,
One God we praise, now and forever.

All rights reserved © 2008 Pearlie Ng

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