Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Tale of Two Brains
David Cook and Music of the Night

My husband sent me this. Take a view and tell me if you'd agree with Mark Gungor. SH thought he got it absolutely right on the dot.

"We'll start discussing about men's brains and women's brains and how they are very different from each other ..."

My favourite idol singing one of my favourite Broadway songs, and so I must have it lodged here.



  1. The first one HILLARIOUS, the second one, I'd give my standing ovation. Definitely way better than the ukelele-falsetto guy ... Really, it's the BEST PERFORMANCE I would think :) Sttong vocals there, and he can do different genres as well ... although I don't quite fancy his Beatles singing previously (more of the arrangement)-read this aloud as how Simon Cowell would say it, British.

  2. Aww, Jason was good in his own way with the ukelele and falsetto. David is in a different genre and league anyway. But he is so good.

  3. I loved the "nothing box" ... not that I can relate :)

    David Cook is in a league of his own.. I hope he wins it all.

    I love Phantom.. been twice to the play, once to the movies and own the DVD.. and now I am posting it on my blog.. heyyyy.. maybe I'm Phantom obsessed?

  4. KB,
    After being married for almost 14 years, I can relate to a lot of stuff he said :)

    Yeah, David Cook is David Cook - he can even become bigger than Daughtry. I seriously cannot understand why the stakes are on Archuleta - he was getting boring right from Top 10 and now I can't remember any songs that he sang except for Imagine. I can in fact remember more of Jason's songs :)

    I have never watched Phantom - would want to but theatre is not big here in Malaysia. I went all the way to Singapore some years ago to watch Les Miserables. I think they did stage Phantom and Saigon, but I did not go. I finally watched Phantom on TV but I think should be nothing compared to theatre. I enjoyed LM immensely.