Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bad, it was, depressing

Bad it was, a day for me this day
Everything didn't go quite so rightly
Little did I know to my utter dismay
It got me wrung up so very tightly
The thing is I thought, was so unbecoming
To be so blunt, so rude and so unsightly
Like no way, the way to be behaving
Every move made, word said was so ugly
Depressing it was, O help me God, I pray

All rights reserved © 2008 Pearlie Ng


  1. Well, you have the poetic element to your Biblical and theological blog. Good for you Pearlie.

  2. I have my days :) yesterday was not a good one and it felt so much better having my pent up feelings and anger gushed out in words.

    The thing is that one can hide quite a lot of things in a poem, but it can say a lot as well, like a picture but in words - so it is very useful! ;)

  3. Hope u r feeling good today Pearlie :)

  4. Hope things are going better for you Pearlie.

  5. Hi Anooja, Julia,
    I am much better right now, thanks! - it is the Friday after all and I just had a good bible study class some hours ago :) it is good to be back in the midst of his Word after a long and tiring week.

  6. What a wonderful expression Pearlie! I can relate to days like that one.. feelings and attitudes seem to surface that I didn't know were there. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Glad you liked it, KB. Made me a bit guilty now because I was in fact, venting :)