Sunday, May 25, 2008

Church Camp Day 2
Faith, Love and Hope

The second day of camp began at 6.30am with dawn prayer. I did not sleep too well but we made it to dawn prayer.

Mr Goh continued with his session on Colossians and I with my sentence diagramming.

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Faith, love and hope in Colossians are always of a qualified kind. They are not just "faith, love and hope" but:

  • faith in Christ Jesus
  • love for all the saints, i.e. for all in the body of Christ
  • hope that is stored up for you in heaven, where faith and hope spring from, i.e. the source of the faith and hope
Is it not interesting that the hope that is stored for us in heaven has already sprung for us faith in Christ Jesus and love for our brothers and sisters in the Lord?

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We are called to:

  • live a life worthy of the Lord - do I bring Him honour in the things I think, say and do? Do I spend my time worthily? Does my life have worth or merit or value in His eyes? Do I have a character or qualities that merit recognition in God's sight?
  • please Him in every way - in all ways
  • bearing fruit in every good work - whatever we do should bear fruits
  • be strengthened with all power according to his glorious might - we depend fully on the Almighty God
These are so that we may have:

  • great endurance
  • patience
  • joyful thanks in the Father
This is because:

  • the Father has qualified us in the sharing of the inheritance
  • He has rescued us and bring us into redemption through Christ in the forgiveness of sins



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