Church Camp Day 3
A Vision for the Church

Monday, May 26, 2008

We had a workshop session yesterday where we were broken into 4 groups. We were required to created a banner depicting what the church's vision ought to be.

Group 1
Their vision is for the church to grow through prayer and the movement of the Holy Spirit from a mustard seed into fruit bearing trees, from a small church to a big one on a hill.

Group 2
Their vision is for the church to be united in love upholding one another in the Spirit.

Group 3
Their vision is to be rooted in the Word of God and strengthened in love for one another in the Lord.

Group 4
Their vision is to be a beacon to reach out to all nations, the Gospel of Christ, being rooted to the message of the cross.

What are yours?
By the way, I was in Group 4, and I came up with the banner design and we all pitched in with the colours and the glitters.


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8 comment(s)

  1. How long were each group given to design the banners?
    They are really nice...

  2. All great visions!!! And love the banners.

  3. P/S/ Pearlie, I looked for an e-mail address but didn't see one. With all your extensive study I'd love to hear your views on Pre-Mid & Post Tribulation. Please e-mail me if you can. Thanks & ((hugs))

  4. Nice posters Pearlie, all of them :)

  5. Hi Paul,
    We were only given 30 minutes to discuss and completed the banners. So we did not discuss it much - we got a concensus and got on with it.

  6. Thumbs up for all the designs ;)