Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Done with John and onto Psalms

Finally, I am done with my John assignments. I do not want to think about it anymore. I did not even give it another read before I popped them into the envelope and sealed it. I will be heading to the post-office tomorrow to get it mailed. (And what do you know, I cannot even remember when I last posted something!)

I have started a bit on my two Psalm assignments. There are four to choose from:
1. Herman Gunkel's form criticism
2. Metaphors used for God, the psalter and the enemies
3. Shape and structure of the Psalter
4. Exegesis of Ps 19, 30 or 42

As I have noted in my side panel on Monday, I thought I should not be pharisaical about it and so I broke my book-fast with a purchase. The order of Gerald Wilson's dissertation on the Psalter's shape and structure will set me on to tackle Q3. Shipment has already commenced and I am expected to get it on June 26. I am hoping it will arrive sooner though.

Then, I was deciding between Q2 and Q4. I gave Q2 a try to see what I can do with it and concluded that this question is almost as huge as Q3. So I better play it safe and take the exegesis one instead. But, more options: 19 or 30.

When I did some preliminary work on Ps 19 - I found it an amazing psalm. I made quite a lot of notes, jotted down questions, highlighted parallelisms, noted what I need to look into.

Ps 19 it shall be.



  1. oh dear, you broke your book-fast. How am I going to tell Kar Yong? He will be SO disappointed.

  2. haha ... nah... KY will understand... since he is both a bibliomaniac and my lecturer! (though not this paper)... in fact I am saving him a dinner, I will have to buy him instead.

  3. I guess he understood...he burst out in laughter.

    Mine, mine, how much does he cost? ;)

  4. I think he won't cost that much since his professor brain is already quite used up ...

    Buy him dinner lar ...