Monday, May 19, 2008

Hutan Lipur Sungai Gabai

It is a public holiday today, being the Vesak Day. SH has made plans to go golfing with his friends in Kampung Kuantan and so, when Heng Yew asked if Calvin and I would like to join them for a picnic in the Sungai Gabai waterfalls, we jumped at the chance. Calvin has not been to a waterfall before and off we went.

We arrived at the foot of the hill at about 8am. Or was it 9? Heng Yew told me that there will be two flight of steps to climb and therefore to minimise whatever I needed to bring. I thought, "Two flights of stair? Ah! No sweat!"

It turned out to be the longest "two" flights of stairs in the world.

As I was walking up the TWO flights of stairs, I was panting badly. The steps were uneven and most of them were big ones. So I stopped every now and then, on the pre-text of taking photographs! But I had no proper camera. The compact digital camera I purchased more than a year ago, had been renounced to cold storage. I found that I cannot do anything with it.

So with my faithful mobile phone camera, I started snapping away. Quality is bad, but at least they do tell a story.

Part of the TWO flights of stairs I have laboured to climb.

More to go!

Ah! A glimpse of the falls.

Calvin: "Aren't you coming?"

Getting there ... getting there ...

We're here!

This is Boon Ho with his Canon 450D. I have been trying my utmost best not to think or touch anything camera. But I was not being very good at it today and later had the Canon in my hands. It is the last thing I need. This desire for an SLR.

Heng Yew took this with his compact digital - quite good. View a fuller size here.

Nice ... the forest of Malaysia.

R-L: Heng Yew, Grace, Chloe, Amanda, Marc and Calvin.

The kids were having a fantastic time. The men were off shooting themselves silly with one SLR and two digital compacts. We ladies were out of sight filling our stomachs with food and the air with chatter. How typical.

Told ja!
L-R: Jen May, Alicia, Grace, and I

Wheee! This is Calvin's first waterfall experience and he is having the time of his life. For our next trip, maybe a stream ...

Going down, going home ...

Satay lunch at Kajang!
L-R: Heng Yew (with his usual cynical looks), Grace (partly hidden), Alicia, Pearlie, Calvin (stuffing himself with food as always), Amanda (partly hidden), Marc (not very happy about something), Paul and Jen May (the ever so sweet, pretty and dainty lady among us)
Not in picture: Boon Ho (obviously with his Canon 450D)

This is one of my shots using Boon Ho's Canon 450D. I am already hooked. With the shots I have taken with only 5 minutes, I have become so shutter-ly delighted! And I was just telling Boon Ho how faces and flowers are so immensely awesome as subjects for close-up and macro shots. This pretty lady is Amanda Choong. She is definitely going to be one of my models. There are several more I took, which Boon Ho has yet to send them to me. You might see them, soon, if I see them good enough to grace your screen.

O LORD, our Lord,
How majestic is Your name in all the earth
Who have displayed Your splendour above the heavens!

O LORD, our Lord,
How wonderful is Your handiwork
Who else have shown such grandeur in their endeavours.

O LORD, our Lord,
How amazing is Your presence all around us
Who has been so gracious as to give us a place in all this.

O LORD, our Lord,
How majestic is Your name in all the earth!
All rights reserved © 2008 Pearlie Ng (Inspired by Psa 8)

Photos © 2008 Paul Choong, Liew Heng Yew, Ng Boon Ho, Pearlie Ng

For the interest of some of my blogger friends:
Hutan Lipur = Forest Reserve (I have to say "I think so" on this one!)
Air Terjun = Waterfall
Satay = roasted meat on bamboo skewers
Sungai = River


  1. I love all the pictures - even those on a lesser camera. :)

    Lovely holiday, Pearlie!

  2. Thanks Missy :)
    The lesser camera is a faithful camera ... I am now thinking the bigger SLRs would be hard to carry around - and I would be going, "shucks, I missed some good shots" wherever I go :/

  3. Great pics of beautiful scenery!

    My cell camera is only a 1.2mp.. pics are okay but hard to enlarge.

  4. Thanks KB,
    Mine is 3mp - just nice for blogs i suppose. Shhh ... I am having 2nd thoughts on an SLR. The sheer size of it is making me think twice now ;) we'll see

  5. hii Pearlie..

    Looks like u had a very good time :)
    The pictures too are good..

  6. KB, ooops ... it's 2mp ;) not very much better.