Sunday, May 18, 2008

Questions asked, questions answered

We had a testimony as sermon today, and I was discussing it over with Ann and with Melissa. I can only say I do not know how I can blog it. I had too many questions.

However, it was also the Sunday where I was scheduled to lead the youth in continuation of the study on the Gospel of Mark. I was given about one and a half hours - not a lot of time for a monthly bible study but it will have to do. I took them through the five conflict stories in Mark 2:1-3:6.

Leading the youth in bible study has proven to be both quite interesting and challenging for me. I cannot go too deep into the details or there will be yawns but I cannot merely graze the surface either or they will have their knowledge of the Word of God barely scratched. I have to look for a niche, pitch in and take a home run.

This round I got them to role play one of the conflict stories: the healing of the paralytic man. In our lectures last year, we did not quite have the role play in full blown but we somewhat assumed the characters and discussed the event. For the youth, I had them all up playing out the parts. The good thing was they got involved but the not so good part was that it was not taken quite so seriously. But it will have to do -- I can't ask for too much I suppose.

However, the discussion that ensued was good. I brought up Jesus' saying to the paralytic man, who most probably was expecting Jesus to say, "be healed". But Jesus said instead, "Son, your sins are forgiven." We discussed what sins were.

The topic of body piercings and tattoos were even brought up when one asked if those actions were considered sinful. I had to admit to them that I can't well answer that question fully but I did try, basically to tell them that while I think it may not be wrong in itself, what and why it is to be done is very important. And even if you think it is right, and still you are not comfortable with it, and if you think that it may be a stumbling block to others, then don't do it. Moreover, it will do you no harm by not doing it, but not the same can fully be said for doing it.

Bringing them back to the topic of Jesus' statement, I emphasised what I had brought up in Friday's class - that the sin that Jesus is forgiving is the fact that we have fallen off the mark, and that our ultimate sin is idolatry -- the very worship of ourselves, seeking for a God that fits our bill.

I encouraged them to go back and read the conflict stories again and ask questions. There are many questions that one can ask.

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  1. Good job Pearlie! I remember my Bible studies at youth group with fondness. Even though I don't remember much of the content now, it provided a good foundation in that it communicated to me that it is always important to turn to God's word, something that proved instrumental when I left home :-) So keep going.

  2. Thanks BK. Your words really came as an encouragement. Like cheerings as I continue to run the race ;)

    Yes, I can attest to that as well. I myself cannot remember all that I have gone through but certain momentous events are etched in my mind. And I hope that I can help them in whatever ways I can.

    Jia yio, jia yio -- I will keep going :P