Saturday, May 31, 2008

Band Practice: in Bond Service to God

L-R: Addison, Esther, Daphne, Angel, James

Our church has an amazing group of youth - they are lively, full of life and of joy, eager to go for the Lord and an inspiration to the poorer in spirit.

We had band practice today, and I must say it was one of the best and most enjoyable one I have had in a long time. Trying different arrangements, teaching each other, playfully nudging each other to move along and most of all making music and songs as one voice in adoration for our Lord.

Addison was on the drums, this was the first time he played in my worship lead and I enjoyed his playing tremendously. Angel was on the bass, and even though I could not much hear the bass distinctly, bass being bass, she gave the crucial support for the entire team. Daphne was on the piano. She is one bright pianist. If Randy can say it, so can I: Daphne can play the phonebook, just write in the chords. It is rare to have a team who can just sense how you want it played. I only had to sing, and they will provide the right mood and the right flavour. It was fantastic!

I am going to sing this one song tomorrow, which is new to the church. They did it perfectly well during practice, right from the start. I never had to screw up my face, (as I always do trying to figure out what went wrong, since I am absolutely bad as an arranger, as my old music team will tell you). The song speaks for itself:
    Though we are many,
    We are one body,
    We are one body in Christ,
    Though we are many,
    We are one body,
    We are one body in Christ.

    One faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
    Binding us together in one cord
    One hope in the one God
    One Father over all
Then I had this sudden bright idea of mixing this song with an old favourite and familiar hymn. I did not know how it will turn out. I was even told during practice that the song was in 4/4 and the hymn in 3/4. But what came out of it in our practice was short of amazing - how the arrangement just came together and how the instruments and the vocals blended in so well. We listened to one another and fitted in together naturally like pieces of a clockwork.

We worshipped the Lord in music and in song of his Amazing Love and his Amazing Grace.
    I'm forgiven, because You were forsaken
    I'm accepted, You were condemned
    I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me
    Because you died and rose again

    Amazing grace how sweet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me
    I once was lost, but now am found
    Was blind but now I see

    Amazing love, how can it be
    That You my king would die for me?
    Amazing love, I know it's true
    And It's my joy to honour You
    In all I do I honour You

    You are my King, You are my King
    Jesus, You are my King, Jesus, You are my King
    You are my King, Jesus, You are my King
We live in Your amazing love Lord, only by Your amazing grace. It is You and You only that matters. We are but Your bond servants, who in service to You, worship and adore You. Use us as You will, for the fulfilment of Your purpose. Amen.

Photo © 2008 Pearlie Ng


  1. hey hey, good job in worship today...Praise it more often...and nice new song weh..heh

  2. yo! heh, yeap love to work with you in worship team,hehe.. Thank Jesus 4 smooth prac n worship ses,plus the cwraps we had~! woohoo~!

  3. hope you have a recording of the combination

  4. Thanks Esther :)
    To God's glory and His glory alone.

    That song is one of my favourites! in message, tone, mood, and tune.

  5. Daphne, yes, I thank the Lord for his leading and his working in uniting our hearts and minds, soul and spirit ;) we are one in the body of Christ in the first place.

  6. Alex,
    I don't think so it was recorded :)

    Hey guys, we have a record deal!!! hahaha ... jk.

  7. Hi Pearlie & Gang :)

    I'm Angie from Pearlie's previous church worship team member.Just want to thank God for making & choosing his own servants like all of us to serve him in the music ministry.Always explore new styles,mood,beats &'s just great serving God thru music!!Cheers!

  8. yo yo~!
    auntie pearlie, your dis blog realy encourages me =)
    you know how sometimes we feel abit dry and needing passion in serving God, this is the time for me, and your blog did the exact just-right thing in "zap-ping" me to continue to serve Him with all i can~!!
    thank-kiu, muaks !

  9. HI ANGIE!!!
    Thanks again for your kind words - you are always the encourager!
    It is certainly amazing God still uses people like us :) especially when we have no sense of music compared to His perfect being.

  10. Hey Angel :)
    It is good that I have encouraged you as you have encourage me that you are encouraged! haha ... now we know what Jesus mean by "to him who has more, more will be given." ;)

    Lift our eyes to the mountains and know where help comes from - none other than our LORD, who made heaven and earth. When we are down in the dumps - Psalms 121 will be a lifter of our soul. He knows us and fills us with his love and grace.

  11. Hey hey! Actually the drum beat for the song "Though We Are Many", it came into my mind just like that, *zap*. Think it was the Spirit giving me the beat, heh. Didn't noe the Spirit is also a drummer! hoohoo~~