Sunday, June 08, 2008

Calvin's new found interest

Calvin never quite stay in one thing for long. But I have noticed however, for quite awhile now, that he loves making sketches and illustrations. So I got him some art paper and coloured pens and here are the results.

He wanted to make a gift for Auntie Rowena. I helped him with the vase and the rest is his work.

All rights reserved © 2008 Calvin Tan

We were going to the store in part to add on to his collection of Stabilo Point 88 pens. And as we were driving downtown, he conveniently got hold of one and started sketching me. He had done one before and called his work "Moo-mie". I wonder what he will call this one this time.

All rights reserved © 2008 Calvin Tan

And here he was a week ago, we were trying to find a book on "pen art". We did not find any but Bob Gill's Illustrations - not an art book per se, but he liked it.

Photo © 2008 Pearlie Ng



  1. The sketch, looks very modern. Fresh abstract style. I'm curious what goes in his mind when he did those lines ... take a long hard look on his lines. Imagine how he holds the pen and choose in every bit how to make that drawing. If I have that sketch, I would want to look at those lines, paying details on the thickness etc

    art prodigy in the making?


  2. To add on to what Melissa says, look at the colour combination as well. It strikes me that 2 shades of flowers to the left, closer to the sun on the upper left (I presume) are somehow darker in shades. I wonder why the choice of darker shades. Is Calvin saying something?

    Exegesis of art in the making? :-)

    But I am impressed with talented Calvin!

  3. my comments are nowhere near as profound - I just think they're very nice! Looks like this is certainly something worth pursuing. :)

  4. Thanks all!
    He is very happy :)

  5. Melissa,
    I thought the same and surprised that he drew that too - that the side portrait was very abstract. It does remind me of one abstract art by an artist but I could not pin down who.

    Interesting way of looking at a drawing :) I asked him, he was amused. Hehe.

  6. KY,
    Haha, so technical lar you ;)
    I don't think he had much of those in mind when he drew it, based on his respond to reading your comment.

    BTW, the upper left sketch is a HUGE flower. His darker flowers on the left were accidental - his own words.

  7. Haha BK, well ... neither was Calvin. And thanks for your commendations =)

  8. Wow... he's talented.

    How old is your son?

  9. Hi Pearlie, you can imagine when we get to heaven one day, what would St Paul say about the chiastic structure we think he had in mind when he wrote the letters to the churches/individuals? Would Paul's an accident... can I say that!!


  10. KY,
    You know, I won't be surprised if Paul were to actually say, "Got meh? Ya hor." hahahaha...