Soles to be Redeemed

Monday, June 16, 2008

Being a servant of Christ can sometimes be a very lonely business.

Photo © 2008 H Assaf

Post title is credited to Danesh Daryanan.

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9 comment(s)

  1. True. I think Jesus made that very clear so we wouldn't be surprised. :)

  2. Heh... you discovered the joys of selective colouring i see :-)

    If you asked for a caption I would have gone along the lines of

    "Soles to be Redeemed"

  3. Yeh so true, Missy - but it is still so hard at times ...

  4. DD,
    heheh ... yup, and it served the purpose perfectly.
    Hmm ... you are really creative - love the caption and I shall change the title to that and of course credit you ;)

  5. thanks Pearlie :-)

  6. Julia,
    :) we would go very well together maybe.