Sunday, June 15, 2008

3-point sermon?

Today's passage was taken from Luke 18:18-30. Not an easy passage to preach from and I have three more questions to add to my list.

1. What was Jesus' intention in his response in v.19?

2. What is the concept of inheritance in the context of the rich ruler? If he was to inherit it, why ask what he needs to do?

3. Is Jesus' demand in v.22 event-related or is it to be applied across the board?



  1. I like how Mark remembers how

    "Jesus looked at him and loved him." -Mark 10:21

    I think it speaks to Jesus' demeanor for all of us when we are entangled in the things that are so unprofitable. He speaks a difficult word but speaks it because He loves us.

  2. May I hazard a view opinions?

    1. v19 was designed to test the heart of the rich young ruler. Was the questions addressed to a "good teacher" or was it addressed understanding that Jesus is God?

    If Jesus was in front of me and I asked Him a question starting with "good teacher blah de blah de blah", I think He will respond with "Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone".

    Then I would rephrase my question with "Lord, blah de blah de blah".

    In a gentle way, I think it puts the following response in perspective.

    It's not "someone" telling the rich young ruler how to inherit eternal life but God Himself.

    2. There is one thing to do. Accept. If my dad leaves me everything, it means nothing if I don't accept it.

    However, I think the ruler asked this question again because he did not understand that the inheritance is not his to earn.

    Again, using an earthly example, I could ask my dad "what should I do to be left everything in your will?".

    If he answers with a "blah de blah de blah", it implies that my inheritance is to be earned.

    Jesus' response tell us that it's impossible to earn our inheritance. But with God, it's possible only because it is a gift (I'm stretching a bit here for the purpose of discussion... sorry).

    3. I hope it's event related... to be honest, I will have trouble giving everything away and distributing to the poor. I still haven't grasped the concept in my head of my eternal life paling in comparison with my temporal physical life. I get it in my head but I can't (yet) get it in my heart.... it's a hard, hard thing for me.

  3. KB,
    So true, God speaks to us in love. But the sad thing is, based on my post today, there are still those who would not sacrifice themselves for God, still wanting to love for themselves.

  4. DD,
    Your take on v.19 make sense - thanks :) I did not see it before. But yeah, it's like Jesus asking him, who are you talking to? A teacher or the Son?

    2. :) yeah ... accepting is one thing to do.
    Hmmm ... his asking could also mean that he wants to be sure he is getting it, that he has done it all but is there still something else just in case. Sometimes I feel that way too - did I do enough in obedience? Did I do enough in repenting? Did I do enough in surrendering to him, in giving to him, in spreading the word? Faith after all without works is dead.

    On the third, I think it should be event related as far as that statement is concerned but the concept of obedience and sacrifice is to us all.