Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Our blogs up in ashes?!

I had just started a new blog in www.photoblog.com/pearlie and posted 4 posts when I found that I could not access the website anymore. Something must have gone wrong somewhere but searches came to nothing.

Last night, http://www.photoblog.com/ came back and posted news that there was a huge explosion in the place where their site was hosted and it has caused a massive blackout for thousand of websites. Apparently, it was reported that the servers and the data were not damaged. Click here for more information.

That got me very worried. Not for my Photoblog, I only had 4 posts, writing was minimal and the photos are smaller copies of my original. But if that had happened to Pearlie Gates and if the servers were to have been blown to bits, I would have lost more than 2 years worth of precious journal entries, and daily entries at that. Gone! And done for!

I must do something about it.

I went searching and found this: HTTrack, Website Copier.

Come to think about it, I was looking for such a thing a few months after I started Pearlie Gates but found nothing. It is good that someone had come to the rescue and now I have backed up my entire website with a selection of mirror sites in my hard drive.

You should think about doing it too.



  1. Hmmmm... Good idea.. I was also wondering the same thing..

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  3. have you tried it yet? Do try it and let us know what you think.

  4. I would have lost more than 2 years worth of precious journal entries, and daily entries at that. Gone! And done for!

    Hi Pearlie.

    I backup all my blog articles and blog comments from my blogs and others on CDRWs.:) I backup my links list as well and my blog templates.

    You can email articles to yourself or keep them on Word Perfect, for example.

    I view saving articles and my comments as essential.


  5. looks like the tradition of journaling still the best option...hee hee!!

  6. Hi Alex,
    Yes I have tried it and so far, it works quite well. I can open it up and it works just like a blog with links to comments, all stored in your harddrive.

  7. Russ,
    I do have the posts automatically sent to my email (I hope! bec I have not checked it for a looong time) but I find backing up posts and particularly the comments manually is too much hardwork, so this option is really a time saver.

  8. Chee Keat,
    Not for me :)

    I value the comments of others and putting it in public is perfect to force me towards serious thinking and quality writing. Anyway, again, different folks, different strokes ;)

  9. It is work, but to me it is worth it.

    Happy Weekend.:)


  10. Very nice photos on your phtoblog Pearlie!

  11. Thanks KB =)
    Do visit when you can. I hope to post as often as I could.