Sunday, July 13, 2008

40-days Prayer and Fasting

Pastor Chris spoke about fasting today to prepare us for the nationwide 40-days Prayer and Fasting event. He said that fasting was not a commandment back in the Old Testament days, was it?

The prayer and fasting event is launched by NECF every year and this time I am planning to observe, God willing: a partial fast of meat and comfort food in the form of desserts, sweet stuff and sweet drinks including coffee and tea. I hope I can manage. It will begin on July 22 up to Aug 30.


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  1. Hmm .. I think you'll do better this time since it's about food and not books :P Jia yoh!!

    By the way, I have the NECF booklet in my car as well. Food is one of my 3 "indulgences" and hope I'll keep to the fast :)