Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the Psalter

I am back onto my long overdue (my own deadlines at least) assignments on Psalm 19 and the structure of the Psalter. I am running out of time and running out of breath.

I am being too ambitious this year with a desire to take 8 modules. I have already dropped "Introduction to the New Testament" (a core that is illusive to me, I can't seem to catch it over the past few years, including this year) and I am planning to drop "Leadership Development" (though I wish I could do this as it will help me with my Youth Work and even at work). Including these 2 assignments on Psalms I now have 5 pending, 1 from "Justification in the Pauline Corpus" and 2 from "Christian Theology 2".

I hope to take up "Teaching & Preaching the Parables" of Jesus in September, "Methodism" in October, and "History & Theology of the Exile" in November.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.


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