Friday, July 25, 2008

The Corinth that Paul Saw: Week 1

Our church has invited Kar Yong to teach us about the background and the impact of the city on the Corinthian letters.

It was a tiring day but it was indeed fruitful. Our usual bible study class more than double up to 20. For a start to the sessions, we took on the background and history of Paul with an overview of his life and missionary journeys, and particularly briefly on Athens and then Corinth.

What caught my attention was the number of temples uncovered in the ruins of ancient Corinth - at least 34. At first I thought, "Well, 43 isn't that many. We have loads of them here in our city too." But then I asked about the size of the city. It was 500m from end to end - I could not comprehend a city so small. And 34 temples in such a small area?

We will be having this for 4 more weeks and I certainly look forward to them, as we get on to why Paul wrote what he wrote to the people in Corinth. Our homework is to read 1&2 Corinthians in one sitting - something I hope I can manage without stopping to check this and check that.

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