Thursday, July 31, 2008

It was meant to be

I came to the office today and saw a package on my table. With this silly grin in my face, much like that of a small kid on Christmas day, I tore it open.

I was in such glee that my colleagues became so amused and curious as to what I got in the mail. I showed it to them, complete with that wide grin to boot.

They instead gave me quizzical looks.

Click here to see what I received.

What made it more special other than the fact that this book is out of print, that it is the standard treatise on the subject, and that it is selling for ₤104 in (I got it for so much cheaper, secondhand from, the delivery of the book was date marked on my birthday, 22nd July.

It was meant to be – after all, who am I but a chiastic-freak.