Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Murphies' Threes?

Things always happen in threes?
Everything that could go wrong would go wrong?

Well, almost.

my car battery went dead last night. We decided to leave the car in my parents' house, and they would help get it fixed up today while I attend to getting Calvin to school and myself to work, with SH's car as he flies to Penang in the morning.

while my dad was recharging the battery to get the car started to get it to the workshop, the autolock went berserk and locked itself with the keys still in the car. I had to leave office to get home to get the spare key - the car was precariously parked almost in the middle of a quite busy road.

I found the spare key, got the keys out and got the car to the workshop. We all then proceeded to have lunch together in a nearby restaurant. Right after we ordered the food, my mom gave an exclamation - she left the fire on at the stove before we left. I drove her back to get it turned off, hoping the broth hadn't dried out, or burnt, or worse still, melt the pot, if it ever happens. Thankfully it just gotten dried up without burning.

Things went wrong but I thank God these are only small things. I pray for his grace when it comes to bigger things - his grace will be after all sufficient.

Photo (c) 2007 Carl-Fredrik Runqvist


  1. Things could have been worse. That's a big bright side.

  2. Way to keep it in perspective, Pearlie!

  3. I guess the moral is that each incident had a good outcome when it could have had a bad one.

  4. It is such a blessing we have hope in everything. No question about it.