Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pearlie's Threes!

Things always pile up all at the same time for me, almost always!

With the usual Friday Bible Study on John 3, I am also worship leading this Sunday with band practice on Saturday. Time has also arrived for Youth Bible Study for the month of July on Sunday afternoon.

I will have a lot to do this few days until Sunday - prepare for John 3; figure what to do with the Gospel of Mark and prepare for it; think about worship songs, prepare them and go for band practice.

This time I think I will challenge the youth to interpret a couple of difficult passages in the Gospel of Mark. I already have 2 in mind - do you have any I can consider?

Photo (c) 2005 Cristina Romano


  1. Mark 9:33-35

    Not particularly difficult but hard one for the young and restless to internalize :-)

  2. Thinking about this again while I was exercising this morning.... hard for the old to internalize too!

  3. This was at the back of my mind for awhile - hadn't quite replied you :)

    I had this passage in mind for the coming round in August :) just nice before we do the passion in Sept and resurrection in Oct. December definitely out - no classes would be possible. Not sure about November. If there is class, I'd throw in an aplogetics class =) that will be fun with the youth, but I might kill myself! haha