Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TTT at Mumbai: Day 2
ORID and Hand Gestures

One of the other things we learnt about being a good presenter is to start with a good impact statement. What I can say of them are basically excellent introductions that are short and impactful, and that is one difficult thing to do! But if mastered, they are attention grabbers. This reminds me of what Joanna, my vocal teacher and friend, used to tell us - take care how you begin a song, if it is poorly begun, you would have lost your audience.

We then moved from being good presenters to being good facilitators. We were given a few pointers to use when facilitating session, using the ORID model:

Objective - what were the initial thoughts, what happened, just get the facts from the participants, etc.

Reflective - how did you feel, what made you say that, what were the benefits, how can parallels be drawn, etc.

Interpretive - what does all this mean, what conclusions can you draw, etc.

Decisional - what decisions can we make, what is the action plan, etc.

I was called up first to do the facilitating of a session we had earlier. It was an anagram puzzle with extremely little instructions, which I was late in attending because I needed to go to the washroom. I came in and this was just it:

Solve this anagram: A Galvanisers Moth
The group told me when I came in that the instructions were that we can only ask 3 questions and that's it. We only have those words on the flip chart. I was a bit confused at first because they were so concerned about working it out that I did not know what was happening. But when I saw that they had no idea what an anagram was, with one of the questions they planned to ask being "what is a galvanisers moth?" I kind of took over and started to solve it. We got no where - there would be thousands of possible options!

But the exercise was merely a prequel to a facilitation exercise and I was asked to facilitate it and find out what they thought about the intructions given to them.

I suppose because I sort of fell into character since this is quite a common thing, if not exactly, that I do in church. The new thing that I tried out though were the hand gestures - and that was quite interesting.

Click here for pictures for the day: A Cauldron of Cultures


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