Wednesday, July 09, 2008

TTT at Mumbai: Day 3
A side dish for some chewing

Training today was slightly on the boring side, as they rehashed what I have been doing for the past 2-3 years, but just because I was the only one that was not new to this, it has to go on as planned, which is why I tend to multi-task in situations like this.

Much has been talked about at Kar Yong's with regards to pastors and full-time-workers (FTW) take home salaries. During the training session, the mention of per-diem for staff from more developed countries who are seconded to less developed countries made me think about ways that can help alleviate some of pastors and FTWs financial worries. What comes out of my ruminations remains to be seen.

Check this out and tell me what you think - note the date of publication and I was told nothing much has changed since then as far as pastors and FTWs' salaries are concerned.

Click here for the pictures of the day: Mumbai - as I saw it from a bus.



  1. Nice pix of Mumbai - was it hot there?

  2. Thanks Julia.
    Hot but much more humid than in Malaysia and I came back with countless mozzie bites! :( I am still scratching! Mosquitoes, that is. I don't get bitten at home. Mozzies in Mumbai are 4-5 times bigger!!! scary ...