Friday, July 04, 2008

What is in my courtyard?

We finished John 2 today for bible study: the passage on Jesus' cleansing of the temple. What we learnt from this lesson is to always ask the condition of our "courtyards". Is it crowded with albeit necessary things but in the wrong places? It is so full of things that they have crowded out God? Have we made excuses to allow things in the "grey area" into our lives?

Another lesson someone highlighted - are we bold enough to do the right thing when it is called for? Do we rebuke when we should? Do we stand up for the right when we should? This is very delicate - we think about the feelings of others, about being "tolerant" (whatever that means nowadays). Someone said we should not be too rigid. But someone else gave an example that some churches purposefully set their air-conditioner at full blast during service so that women who come dressed in spaghetti straps will either cover themselves with shawls or don a sweater or jacket. So where do we draw the line?



  1. Good thoughts. Taking a stand on-line with blogs, even if one is basically correct, is a risk. One can lose readers and links.


  2. Russ,
    I have not been online for 4 days until now. Which I think is an absolute record!! I am doig quite well considering.. with no withdrawal symptoms! haha ... except that I cannot remember what I posted ... will get back to you on this one when I get the chance to revisit when I get home ;) till then.

  3. Hope you are having a good trip, Pearlie.