Friday, August 29, 2008

What's your favourite key on the keyboard?

My son asked me what I thought was a very superfluous question.

Calvin: What is your favourite key on the keyboard?

Mommy: None.

Calvin as usual: What is your favourite key on the keyboard?

Mommy as usual: I have none! All are important to me. I need them all.

Impatient Calvin: Yeah, but what is your favourite key on the keyboard?

Resigned mommy: Okay, okay - the Ctrl button.

Not a very amused Calvin: Very funny.

But amused I was. I did not realise the pun at first, but with his reaction, I had to laugh.

If I had to have a favourite key on the keyboard, it will have to be the Ctrl-button, with all the shortcut I can do with it: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-S and my favourite, Ctrl-Z, the undo-miracle-button.

It would be nice though to have the Ctrl-button in life too now wouldn't it, but I'd rather let God have it instead.



  1. That's the big issue isn't it. WE want the control and to be boss. He will let us do so, but that is always the losing way.

  2. I like the tab button. One push and you skip stuff...

  3. haha ... oh yes, the tab key, definitely.

    Showed Calvin your pick and he went, "very funny, very funny ..."