Monday, August 04, 2008

Your take on time

Time is one infamous topic, either there is too much of it like when you are waiting and waiting and waiting for something that just isn't coming, or you need more of it like when you are trying the beat the deadline of which you suddenly realised was yesterday.

Let's find out what we think about time by sharing your thoughts to these questions:
(1) What do you think about the concept of yesterday, today and
tomorrow? Is it a reality?
(2) Do you think you have enough time in a day? How much more do you need and how would you manage it?
(3) Why do you think others seem to handle time so well, with seemingly more than they could handle and yet seem to handle it all beautifully?
(4) Is there time in the new heavens and new earth? Why or why not?


  1. 1) Yesterday and today are realities.. and maybe tomorrow.. Lord willing :)

    2) I have enough time.. just need to be sure that (most of the time) I am doing what is important but not urgent.

    3) Some have the ability to multitask in a broad fashion and some have the ability to focus more on details.

    4) No. Time was part of the creation in Genesis.. without the rising and setting of the Sun there is no longer day and night.. the Son will shine all the time and illuminate the new heaven and earth.

  2. 1.)Yes
    2.)If I had more I'd want more
    3.)I don't think that they do, they hide it better.
    4.)I'm with KB we will just BE

  3. Don't forget to check the answer to your question about time on my blog by Dan Schaeffer, author of A Better Country. :)