Thursday, September 11, 2008


I not only nearly lost my mobile phone, I nearly ran over it with my car today.

Actually, I think I did run over it, looking at its poor and dismal condition right after I picked up from the muddy roadside.

I was late for a meeting and in the rush I did not realise that my mobile phone slipped and fell as I got out of my car. There were no parking spaces available where I need to be and so I parked nearby at the side of a small lane right underneath a flyover. It was dark and damp. The phone did not even make a slight thud of a sound when it fell.

Amazingly, it stayed there in that position for 5-hours while I was in a meeting only to have me run over it while deciding what else to do.

It is working fine now – if not in tip top condition. Here’s to Sony Ericsson. Next to Nokia, they have proven themselves to produce hardy mobile phones for accident-prone people like me.

And of course I thank God that I am spared from losing it. The thought of forking out RM1,000 to get a comparable new unit made me cringe.

I need to be more careful with it.


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