Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Found a good friend

I had a very nice lunch today with Paul, my colleague at work. I got to know him when he approached me several times beginning of this year, asking me some HR-related questions and from there our friendship began. Nowadays, when we do get together, we no longer talk HR but talk God.

We come from differing backgrounds. Even though he has Methodist beginnings in the earlier parts of his life, he moved on and is now worshipping in a brethren church. I, on the other hand, am a through-and-through Methodist church member, although whether I am a through-and-through Methodist to the core remains to be seen.

(By the way, I will be attending the TEE module on Methodism for the next 2 weekends and I will certainly find out!)

With those differences, we find ourselves often having to explain our theological beliefs to each other and that brings about quite an interesting outcome. On my end, I find myself checking and rechecking my beliefs, some being all the more strengthened whilst others need some rework and rethinking, and some even a change. And I can see that it is the same for him as well.

It is good to have frequent amicable theological discussions. It makes our belief all the more alive, knowing that we believe in Yahweh, who even though is beyond us in all respects, he still revealed Himself to us, the imperfect ones, through Christ Jesus our Lord, the Perfect One.



  1. I love this post. That is why I put my emphasis on The Church - The Body of Christ rather than in a denomination. The one thing that matters.....Is Jesus your Lord and Savior?.....all else is not that important in my opinion.

  2. I liked this Pearlie:

    "It is good to have frequent amicable theological discussions."

    It is why I enjoy coming here.. and Susan's blog :)