Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am a hopeless romantic

I have been doing a lot catching up with friends over the week, which is good. And I happen to pick up a DVD from a good friend.

It is a 2006 Christmas movie entitled The Holiday, where two women found themselves in similar heartbroken situations and decided to swap houses for 2 weeks - one in Los Angeles, USA and the other in Surrey, England. What resulted is a hopelessly romantic comedy and I am hopelessly captivated by it.

I have never been so totally into a movie until now. I watched it the first time for starters and then one more time because I cannot bear it being over. Then I watched the whole movie again with the director's commentary in the foreground commenting on the scenes, the soundtrack, the actors, the set. And to appreciate it with the new found information, I watched it again for good measure. All that in two evenings.

I am absolutely smitten.



  1. I liked it too Pearlie.. Ann and I caught it a few months ago on TV. That moment when Diaz' character discovered that Law's character was a dad was a memorable one. I also loved the way that the older guy was wove into the California story.

  2. Yeah, I love the story of the elderly guy -- I have never met my grandfathers and this would be the kind of grandfather I would love to have and spend all my time with :)

    The memorable moment for me was the part when Diaz ran back to a sobbing Law. That scene was priceless. The other one was the 2 adults and the 2 kids in the tent.

  3. I remember liking it but I hardly rmember the story line :(