Saturday, September 06, 2008

We're off to Singapore!

My brother offered to drive my parents and I to the bus station but I had to wake up at 5.30am! The bus moved off at 7.30am sharp. We were on a First Coach bus and it was a very good ride. The journey took exactly 5 hours and we reach Novena Square at 12.30pm.

(L-R) Cheng Gaik, Tuck Lee and Alex

Lao Beijing Restaurant

Since my mom is a true-blue Chinese, we all agreed to eat in a Chinese restaurant called Lao Beijing (Old Beijing). Food was absolutely delicious - or maybe I was too hungry for words.

Siu Long Pao

Coriander Balls

Char Jiong Min

Beef Noodles Soup

We will be putting up the night in Matt and Li San's home. We were there to take a rest before going to Yio Chu Kang Chapel for rehearsals tonight.

My dad napping.

View from Matt and Li San's place

Then we were at Yio Chu Kang Chapel for rehearsals. It did not go too well - we were really tired.

Yio Chu Kang Chapel

Back Rub and Warm Up Session
(L-R Tuck Lee, Cheng Gaik, Janice, Alicia)

(L-R Boon Ho, my dad hidden, Heng Yew, Alex, Lee Mei, Keng Mooi)

Practice session
(back L-R my dad Richard, Heng Yew, Alex, Boon Ho)
(front L-R Keng Mooi, my mom Joyce, Cheng Gaik, Janice, me, Alicia, Tuck Lee, Lee Mei)


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