Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yours grudgingly,

I was reluctant but I signed up for the TEE Methodism class that will be held this coming two weekends. I cannot exactly pin it down why but maybe it is because I am not so particular about being a Methodist. Maybe you could call me an indifferent one.

Oh! Don't misunderstand me, I am proud of John Wesley and utterly moved by his Aldersgate experience. But being Methodist isn't so important to me as compared to being Christian, and so I am still wondering why I signed up. I suppose part of me is being pulled in by the heritage of who I am.

But something interesting came out of it today. We received a long reading list and a long one it is, with books I have no idea where to get my hands on. I was a tad irritated because according to the initial notice, there were only 2 required books and I got them already. And now I have to read sections in these 12 books before turning up for classes.

I eyed the first one in the list, "Davies, Chapter 2 to 3."

"Now, this is required for the first lesson. Where in the world can I get a copy of it?"

In the bibliography, I found the full title, "Davies, Rupert E. Methodism. Epworth Press, 1985."

"Rupert E.?"

"Hey, don't I have a copy of this?!"

What an interesting name, Rupert. I remembered the book because of the name. I have it because a couple of years ago, the librarian in my former church was literally throwing books he thought was no longer relevant; in other words old books; in other words, those not in line with his thought. There were piles and piles of them outside the church office then and I screamed to myself, "What? Throw books? Sacrilegious!" and I started picking up books I thought were valuable.

And this was one of them.

It is a 1964 publication by Penguin Books - and interestingly I don't know what the "Pelican Original" refer to. It is old, the pages have changed colour and turned brown at the sides but I am now one proud owner of it.

Anyone? Any more books you want to throw?


p/s Alex just revealed to me that "Pelican original are the first original materials to be published by Penguin books (before that, Penguin was publishing reprints)." Wow ... and I didn't even know.


  1. To my way of thinking, almost as bad as burning them. Some of my favorite authors and books are the old ones. Many of them have a view & knowledge I treasure.

  2. woh! You have a pelican original of Rupert E.' Methodism. *envy**envy*

    Pelican original are the first original materials to be published by Penguin books (before that, Penguin was publishing reprints).

  3. Yes Susan, packed them up, store them or give them away, never throw away.

  4. Alex,
    really? wah ... and I don't even know.

  5. Yes. I could never throw a book away!!! Great post.

  6. I just threw away a large number of books a couple of months back when I handed over my parents' house to the new buyer. Nope - you don't want any of them - neither do I...hahahaha

    I consider some of the books "heretic"...hahahahaha