Monday, October 27, 2008

Frasers' Hill, Day 3

We completed our planning session today. It was a great 3 days of learning, planning, praying and bonding in the love of Christ. There were many lessons learnt as well. We experienced albeit a short 45 minutes of silent retreat. And we stressed a lot of having family devotions at home.

Before we head back home, we had an excellent series of photo-taking sessions, which were absolutely fun.

I find this picture so intriguing. They were waiting to take a group picture and Alexis began to dance. But if you see the few behind her - the scene seemed staged, just like a studio shot. And Alexis is here to introduce you all to it.

Viola! A group photo, though short of 3 or 4 of us photographers.

Then we started to take pictures of individual families. Calvin was back in the meeting room and he refused to come back down. So, we improvised!

Just before we headed down the hill, the youth wanted to have jumping pictures taken. We had SO much fun. Totally, and here are the results:

L-R: Esther, Daphne, Addison, Sarah

One more!

A High School Musical shot!

Change the background!

Addison - the sifu in kungfu jumps.

Then came this classic shot. The two men and the boy seeing the kids having so much fun decided to have one for themselves. This is my favourite of all the jumping shots.
L-R: Derrick, Desmond, SH

Then everybody, well, the jumping ones at least, wanted one too.
L-R: Derrick, Desmond, Esther, Daphne, Addison, Sarah, John, Jarod, SH and Pastorpher

Photo (c) 2008 Pearlie Ng


  1. NO BODY has more fun than Christians. Contrary to what the world "thinks"!

  2. :) :) :) really have fun doing the jump~ But was quite afraid of jumping the opposite direction...hahahaa

    TC aND god bless

  3. nice pictures indeed...haha..after so many attempts...finally

  4. really nice shots =D but i was very scared that i'll drop n roll down from high places. it was fun tho hehe

  5. Cool Pearlie. I liked to see your family pic!