Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More books: I never learn

I only just recently bemoaned the fact that it will take me 21 years to read the more readable books of mine. More than that, I have been housekeeping my shelves only to wonder why I bought some of the books I bought and vowed not to buy anymore to add on to it.

Poppycock! See what I did.

Stanley J. Grenz, The Millennial Maze: Sorting Out Evangelical Options, IVP, 1992
I was a bit lost trying to figure out my Christian Theology 2 (CT2) assignment on the millennium when I found out about this book. I called in to Canaanland to see if they had a copy. Yes, we do and oh, we are on a sale. So off I went to get a copy and of course as life would have it, a few more as well, all on 20% off.

Michael Wilcock, The Message of Revelation, The Bible Speaks Today, IVP, 1991
Christopher, my CT2 lecturer mentioned during class that this is quite a good book. He was impressed with Wilcock's treatment of the amillenial position. Based on the little I know, I put myself in the amillenialism camp and I must very well know what I am in there for.

Craig R. Koester, Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel: Meaning, Mystery, Community, Fortress, 2003
The moment I saw this title, off the shelf it went. I have not seen it before but what attracted me were two things: symbolism and gospel. Leafing it through I decided I must have it. I only hope the book is as interesting as it sounds.

Mark D. Thompson, A Clear and Present Word: The Clarity of Scripture, IVP, 2006
It is my intention to collect as many of the books in the New Studies in Biblical Theology (NSBT) series as I could. This one caught my attention this time - the clarity of Scripture. It will interesting to read the author's take on understanding Scripture, though written so many thousand years ago is still relevant to us.

Andreas J. Köstenberger & Scott R. Swain, Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel, IVP, 2008
I was reluctant to get this at first but finally got it anyway. Again, two reasons: gospel and a 20% discount.