Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phuket, Day 1

My trips lately are really back to back. I am off to Phuket today for my company's management conference. I am going with mixed feelings because it will be 4 days away from home. And things keep going wrong lately: for one, the ATM ate my card (I did not forget my PIN number, the machine just ate it the moment I stuck in the card), and two, I lost my credit card. Well, I thank God that the airplane took off and landed safely today ... I seem to be getting a phobia of flying. I must be getting old.

It is the rainy season in Phuket as seen in the grey skies in the picture of the hills I took. Even though famous for its beaches, Phuket was named after the hills, bukit in Malay and later changed to Phuket.

Photo (c) 2008 Pearlie Ng

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