Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Simple but good

When we ask God for help, especially when we are desperate, his response is usually astoundingly simple but spectacular. I was badly in need of cheering up and a cheering up was what he gave me.

Simple and true.

I received a text message this morning from a colleague asking if I could fill in slots with some interviewees. She was not well. I was down in the dumps and was very reluctant to take it up but I am a good soul. And so I agreed. And it did me good - I met up with three really delightful people, given two possible answers to my prayers and served a really nice cup of cappuccino to top it off and I was good for the day.

Simple but good.

Photo (c) 2008 Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo


  1. Glad God blessed you this way.

  2. don't give up on the pearliegates.com thingy but get some expert to help. pearliegates.com is a lovely URL to hold on to.

  3. Lately I have been trying to simplify my life.. sometimes it is not as simple as it seems :(

  4. Might want to check out the custom domain post here:


  5. Thanks blogpastor for your encouragement. Yea, the only consolation I have at the moment is that I own the url :)

  6. Yea KB, life is indeed not simple at all :) so much so we really delight in simplicity when it happens.

    Many thanks for the link! I will need to slowly drink it in ... with my dislike for technicalities ;)