Saturday, October 18, 2008

STM Graduation 2008

My parents, Calvin and I headed off to Seremban to attend STM's 26th Graduation Service where 65 students received their graduation. We were there to celebrate Lee Yng's graduation in Masters of Divinity.

Getting ready for the graduation.

Yeah, this is about right ...

Uncle Richard, my TEE classmate who is graduating with a Diploma in Christian Studies.

I didn't know Way Min is graduating this year as well. Congratulations!

Lucy busy with gifts for her graduating STM-mates.

Kow Cheong and Sakthi laughing at me for prolonging my TEE and not graduating already. I am taking my time and enjoying it, my friends!

Lee Yng with her STM bestfriends, Ruth, Lucy and Liza.

Lee Yng with my parents.

Lee Yng with her parents, family and the CMCCKL church members.

Andrea and Peay Ying.

More pictures and I need to be getting home!



  1. Thanks for posting up the pic! It was awesome.. The other friend's name is liza. :)

  2. Hey Ruth :) thanks for the name! When are you graduating?

  3. Congratulations!!1 I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures, especially of your parents.

  4. Pearlie - These are fun!!! Your mom & dad are cute.

  5. Susan, Julia,
    Thanks :) I never realised I never posted pictures of my parents.

  6. You guys seems to have so much fun...and I did not even take a photo of the graduation day!

  7. me ah.. I graduate in one year's time. Can't wait! ;)

  8. the lecturers have to depend on other kind souls to take photos on graduation day.