Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tagged: what's on your refrigerator?

I have been tagged by Julia way back in February and I kept telling myself to do it and finally I did - so here you go, better late than never, my plain ol' looking refrigerator.

The thing is - I have no control over what goes on outside the fridge, Calvin has taken control.



  1. Tell Calvin we love the pumpkin!

    I know you didn't tag anyone, but I did this too just to be supportive. :) I need to comment here more often.

  2. Hey Pearlie - It was fun to talk with you last night for the first time - lol.
    The pumpkin picture is great! Do you have them there? Next to the stinky fruits maybe?

  3. Hey Missy :) Thanks and yes, same over here -- I need to comment more at yours.

  4. Hey Julia, yeah ... it was great to finally talk, albeit in text! haha ...

    Thanks and yes, we do have pumpkins and no, I don't see them placed next to durians - different seasons maybe.

  5. I took the challenge. I LOVE your narrow-er fridge. I so need that for our smaller space.
    Love the punkin, too, Calvin!