Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Undomestic Goddess!

I got this book in the mail today.

Melissa is trying to get me to read Chick Lit! I suppose this genre of books had existed from way back, but they are just not called that. And if that is the case, I have given up on "Chick Lit" so to speak for umpteen years now.

But it is nice being lent a book through snail mail. A first time for me, but it makes me think there is a possibility for us to share books because it is just a mail away, if you are not too far away that is.

I've glanced through the first 2 pages -- I have this feeling I will have a late night today ;)

And if you are still wondering how I drove over my mobile, read about it here.



  1. Pearlie - I got such a kick out of Shopaholic by the same author - hilarious!!! I haven't read this one though.