Monday, November 17, 2008

The Bourne Trilogy

We recently got hold of The Bourne Trilogy and SH hooked me into watching it and hooked I was. I find it a fascinating story about a man who lost his identity due to a memory loss and what he had to go through to finally gain it back. Antithetically, those who deliberately tried to erase all memory of the dirt they have concocted in the end lost it all instead.

The more we hold on to something that is wrong, the more wrong we’ll have to do to protect ourselves. The more lies we tell, the more lies we have to tell to cover up, and that include lies we tell ourselves.



  1. dr alex and the reb talked about the movies on his blog quite some time ago.

  2. Hi, try reading the trilogy! I find words paints and leaves more to our imagination. Even my nephew was totally disillusioned with the Lord of the Ring movies, compared to the actual book.

  3. Those films have replaced the Bond ones as my favorite spy movies.. Damon is very believable.. more than Daniel Craig.

  4. Reb,
    Thanks for the note -- I had your same thoughts while watching the movie -- the chases are just too perfect, particularly the weaving in and out of the apartments, how in the world would Damon would have ended in the same apartment where Stiles was.

  5. Haiyo Chee Ling,
    If ever I have time to read, it would have to be either for CT2 or Methodism or Exile and what more John for Bible Study on Fridays and Ephesians (I happen to be preaching this Sun ;)

    But I will keep an open eye for it and look out for Ludlum's books. When all the TEE fiasco is passed, like you (!!!) then I will find time to read -- I really miss reading for fun.

    Yup, I was just as disillussioned over Lord of the Rings but a movie is a movie is a movie. I've come to enjoy a movie as it is, but of course if it deters too much from the book then they must do justice and just call it an "adaptation", eh?

  6. KB,
    I did like Craig in CR but not QOS. But yes, Damon is very believable. But Bourne is only a trilogy and Bond is almost everlasting. LOL.

  7. The 4th Bourne movie is in the making. Heard that it's coming out in 2010. Currently there are 7 Bourne novels, if i'm not wrong... so it might be like the 007 franchise.

    I too am hooked with the 3 Bourne blockbusters! :)