Monday, November 10, 2008

V for Vendetta

Melissa recommended me this movie for awhile now. I bought a copy of it from Speedy but left it on the shelf until SH got it from me today and started watching it. I had wanted to do some work on my never-ending Millennium paper but with just several minutes into the film, it has already caught my attention and my Millennium paper forgotten.

V for Vendetta is a portrayal of human wantonness for power, and as a result of that wantonness, a reckless desire to have even more power. While some of the commoners, like Evey initially resort to resignation and compliance, one man who was the victim of the government's want of power and more power, V, set off on a vendetta to free the country from oppression and totalitarian powers.

But evil was fought with evil. Isn't that utter hopelessness, but yet it is a reality.

What I say is: man and power breeds disaster.



  1. Christ certainly did not use "power" as we think of it in our worldly sense. Yet He has all power.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Susan, it is good reminder in our dark world that Christ indeed has all the power and nothing can prevail against it.