Sunday, November 30, 2008

Splendidly Mundane Sunday

It was quite a mundane day today, which was good.

My PC was infected with a bad strain of virus and I had to leave it aside to be fixed when I get back to the office tomorrow. That was good – it meant some time off from the can’t-do-with-it-can’t-do-without-it internet. As such, I have the whole day today doing nice stuff.

I took one of the Foundational Class this afternoon, going through with the class briefly on Church History. We had a good one and a half hour of discussion right from the Great Commission, into the Dark Ages, the Reformation, the Great Evangelical Movement, zeroing into the spread of Methodism in Malaysia.

Then I stayed awhile in church helping the youth in their practice for their Christmas play, helping some of them with the songs.

When I got home, I even managed a nap, something I usually don’t have time for.

After dinner, I managed to catch Hairspray on TV. I loved it. Though I was quite disturbed with John Travolta being mom Edna, I really liked Nikki Blonsky as bubbly Tracy.

I had a splendid mundane Sunday.


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