Monday, December 15, 2008

Five Special Things

A slow day but an occupied one as well, with some special things I would like to document:

1. I learnt something new in MS Excel, a software that continues to delight me in my course of work: I learnt how to use the SUMIF formula, and I found out that F9 will "calculate all" formulas in your worksheet, useful if you have a very complicated one and the worksheet would not refresh after you've copied and pasted a formula across hundreds on lines.

2. I gave a good friend a book in return for all the small but heartfelt stuff he gave or lent me - notes, booklets, articles, references, over the past one year. His pet subject is Biblical Prophecy - and so I got him Robert B. Chisolm's Handbook on the Prophets, an excellent tome on the books of prophecy. I have yet to get one copy myself.

3. My brother and I have not had a meal together for awhile now. We went for dinner together today. He and his wife, Calvin and Chloe, and I.

4. I made a new "friend" last night with my cousin's wife, Angeline, and we started emailing today. I hope we will keep at it, like I did with Melissa, now my good, good ol' buddy.

5. And I think I finally wrapped up my Millennium paper today. I hope to give it a final touch tomorrow, print it, mail it out and close my chapter on the topic. Enough is enough.

Thank you God, for the special things you've blessed me with today.