Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!

We celebrated dad's 7oth birthday today with family and friends. We arranged a dinner in a restaurant for about 40 people and we had a wonderful time of sharing and being together.

Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you!

Happy birthday to you ... Happy birthday to you ...

Happy birthday to daddy ... Happy birthday to you!

My dad making a speech and pulled my mom along to accompany him.
After all, they are one ;)

Group photo time! My parents with good friends and relatives.
seated L-R: my third uncle and aunt, Doris, Mrs Yip, Mrs Yuan, Rev Yip Kwak Hoong
standing L-R: Rev & Mrs Ling Siang Ming, Dad, Mom, Auntie Molly, Dr. Yuan

seated L-R: Keng Mooi, Cheng Gaik, Jacob, Rev & Mrs Yu Chee Huat, Calvin
standing L-R: Lai Kuen, Chen, Uncle Thomas, Dad, Mom, Auntie Esther, Wai Ching, Lai Kheng

seated L-R: Garry, Uncle Solomon, Ben, Pam, Auntie Jo, Uncle John, Calvin
standing L-R: Angeline, Dad, Mom, Pearlie, SH

seated L-R: Jarryl and family Jennifer, Timothy, Simon, Leng
standing L-R: Mom, Dad, Wai Kuen, Chloe, Jason, Paul

All four tables with Rev Yu having a good laugh with SH.

Cheng Gaik and Jacob

Rev & Mrs Yu: "I wanted to get him a present this big ... but ..."

Jennifer, Timothy, Simon, Leng

Ben and Pam

Rev & Mrs Ling Siang Ming

Dr & Mrs Yuan

Jennifer and Timothy

Jarryl and family

What are these three men pleading for?

Mother and Daughter: Auntie Jo and Pam

Uncle Thomas and Auntie Esther

Lai Kheng, Lai Kuen and Chen

"Just the two of us ..."

Uncle John and Auntie Jo

Garry and Angeline

Here's to a splendid time together!

Photos (c) 2008 Pearlie Ng


  1. Hi Pearlie. Looks like your Dad had a fun 70th birthday. Well done everyone! - Dave

  2. Great Pearlie
    Now I must do two things. First wish your Dad happy birthday, the next time I see him. Then must official say hallo to Mrs Ng, now that I 'know' her!

  3. How very special for ALL of you. Loved seeing the pictures!! And yes, the two are one. Just as God intended it to be.

  4. Chee Ling,
    :) So you hv seen my mom before?