Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's time I blog about books, again

I hit a bump in the road of life recently. I am now in the process of a comeback after having slowed down for awhile. I had put aside quite a number of things but I am returning bit by bit, hopefully.

For a start, I found myself browsing through my book list in and saw a number of books I really want to get myself into and start digging in. With the up and coming long break from work, it might just be possible, God willing.

There are the ones that caught my eye:

Old Testament Turning Points, The Narratives That Shaped a Nation
by Victor H. Matthews

Shades of Sheol, Death and Afterlife in the Old Testament
by Philip S. Johnston

Hear, My Son, Teaching and Learning in Proverbs 1-9
by Daniel J. Estes

Contagious Holiness, Jesus' Meals With Sinners
by Craig L. Blomberg

A Model of Christian Maturity, An Exposition of 2 Corinthians 10-13
by D.A. Carson

Now My Eyes Have Seen You, Images of Creation and Evil in the Book of Job
by Robert Fyall

Will I manage one a day? Okay, maybe I am being too ambitious, one in two, perhaps?



  1. Hope you get to read and blog about these books soon!

  2. stm library has 1,2,3,and 6. the reb have read 2,3,and 6.

    no.2 is based on the phd thesis of one of my supervisors, dr phillip johnston, from wycliffe hall. an excellent survey of the concept of death and the afterlife like Sheol in OT thought. especially good on how the concepts evolved with time too.

    no. 3 is also part of a good series. this one is on proverbs 1-9, especially on the pedagogy behind prov 1-9. daniel is writing cross-disciplinary on both OT and CE here. so, not very heavy on the OT (like not requiring hebrew to understand the book).

    no. 6 is on the book of job but more on a certain theme. books in this series are quite focused and deal with key issues on a deeper level. in this book it is on creation and evil, hence fyall will look at passages like the leviathan and behemoth as well as passages that touche on creation like job 28.

  3. Julia,
    I will try :) I have started on one and going too slow with it - I hope to pick it up when I complete the assignment due.

  4. Thanks Reb for the runup of the books. I have just started (a restart actually) Now My Eyes Have Seen You and hope I will gather momentum and do as much as I can over the year end break. That is, after I complete my Millennium paper ... and I look fwd to read Shades of Sheol, you mentioned the book during the Psalms classes and got me intrigue. I popped into Sufes almost immediately and got one =)