Sunday, December 28, 2008

Long Break Day 10
Need a plan for 2009

Pastorpher preached from Joshua 24:14-15 today and it brought me to conclude that I do need to think and plan for 2009. There will be much to do and accomplish for the year.

In my spiritual discipline, I need (1) to be more faithful in prayer, (2) read, and study if I can, several books from the bible beginning with the minor prophet, (3) read a book a month, at least, and (4) find opportunities to share the Word of God and the Gospel with others.

In my own Christian education, I need to persist on with TEE, to complete my assignments in Methodism and History & Theology of the Exile. I plan to just take one module in 2009 -- Introduction to the NT. With that I will have 4 more modules to complete, which will take me another two to three years ... slow and steady.

In church ministry, I will be in the LCEC in 2009 in the area of Christian Education and the way I see things happening, I will have loads and loads to do. As such, I should just concentrate on CE, and lay off the rest for awhile ... though I will still be active in Grace Notes, since I simply love to sing and to minister in songs.

And I think I found the verse/theme to bring me through 2009: Now fear the Lord and serve him with all faithfulness (Joshua 24:14a).



  1. A great verse for the new year.

  2. Yes, this is a wonderful verse Pearlie. All the best to you in 09!

  3. Hi. Just returned from the "retreat". :) Felt energized ... simply loved the quiet time at the beach and have renewed "resolutions" for the coming year (I'll start with the shorter epistles though ...). Anyway, I "switched" back to blogger, only that now I have "my own domain". I hope it works. A side-purpose for this is so that I can update my friend(s) less through emails ... as one of the most feasible way of taking your advice seriously "seriously" without being that obviously "obvious". :P Ciao!

  4. Thanks Susan, Julia - Happy 2009!

  5. Melissa,
    You are back on blogger? Where?