Monday, December 29, 2008

Long Break Day 11
A delightful family time

We were scheduled to meet up with one of SH's aunt this afternoon and it turned out to be such a delightful day. SH and his sisters were very close to this family when they were younger and I am glad I have finally met up with them, and SH was pleased to catch up with them.

Aunt is a very good cook and she served us some very delicious snacks. We ate and chat over the table.

Paul (SH's cousin), Melissa (SH's sister), SH and Aunt.

The kids having a blast: Calvin, Ryan, Jasmine, Clara, Rachel

The Three Musketeers or The Three Stooges or the The Three Little Pigs?

SH and his favourite girl.



  1. Nice photos Pearlie. I would smilingly call the three children the "Three Stooges!" The little fellow on the right looks like one of them. :) - Dave

  2. Nice to see all the smiling faces and the good time you had.

  3. Dave,
    That is my son :) Calvin, and it was a very good candid shot. you are right!! - he looks like the one that is partly bald, yes?