Monday, December 22, 2008

Long Break Day 4
Praying hard

We are in the midst of praying for the coming Christmas eve evangelistic event in our church, and obstacles are arising here and there, and I will not be surprised if many of the church members are facing the same. It look like the Evil One is worried about the work we are doing and trying its best to thwart it. We need to continue to be firm and courageous, and continue to pray hard. Pray with us.



  1. Father God I pray with, and for, Pearlie's church body as they prepare for the Christmas service. Father God I pray your Holy Spirit visit in a mighty, welcoming way, and that many receive Jesus, for whom we celebrate the Christ Mass, into their hearts as not only their Savior but their Lord. In is in His mighty name, JESUS, that I pray. Amen