Friday, December 12, 2008

Theological Hospitality

I made my way to SUFES today with the purpose of getting some Christmas gifts. I had no intention of getting any books for myself. I grabbed three for three very special people and was satisfied that even after browsing the shelves carefully, nothing caught my interest.

Then I saw this one.

Exploring Protestant Traditions, An Invitation to Theological Hospitality
by W. David Buschart

I tried putting it down but I was attracted to the book's summary of eight main denominations into about 300 pages. I am always eager to know a little more about the others and this look like a perfect source of information. I read the introduction, and I was sold.

I have cut and pasted the introduction from Amazon if you would like a read.

And it was the first time I came across this term: Theological Hospitality, and I like it.



  1. I bought nine from Doulos that night :) Hehe, Christmas presents for myself. Who am I kidding? I think this year I treat myself too a bundle of presents for myself. :P Maybe I should book fast for a month or two ... (TEE reference buy not counted cos those are "neccessities" not "indulgence")

  2. That was exactly what I told myself when I got the book ;)

    Good for you -- can share with me what the titles are? Feed them into anobii won't you?

    TEE reference buy not counted
    Then I didn't break my 6-month fast lar ... haiya ...

  3. know your weakness and yet still go book shopping....hahahahaah

    After my book shopping trip while I was at Singapore, I dare not go anywhere near SUFES - at least not for the moment!!