Friday, January 23, 2009

Men vs. Women

It is interesting that the topic of men vs. women keep cropping up for me today in different place, between different people and in different guises.

I was in discussion with a friend with regards to how men in general take advice. As I understand it, men seldom seek for advice actively, whilst women would be more willing to consult their circle of friends to get opinions. I may be wrong, but for one, it is a well known fact that most men are unwilling to ask for directions.

Then I came across Sze Zeng's post today about cosmetics. I never quite thought about it before but wouldn't you agree that men who wears make-up would be frowned upon whilst women who don't are not adhering to social expectations? If that is true, it would then be a forgone conclusion that men look good enough not to need make-up whereas women need it to look presentable.

Ah! Whose logic is that? Yes, I do agree that men do have their own beauty regime so to speak but you seldom see men armed with compact powders, eye-liners and lipstick everywhere they go. These 3 things are my basic requirement -- I would feel so uneasy if I don't have them handy in my bag.

Photo (c) 2008 Kamil Kantarcıoğlu


  1. Guess I don't adhere to social expectations because I seldom wear more than a little lipstick, especially as I've gotten older :o)


  2. Hi Pearlie,

    A revealing statement there. These gender percularities been always here. Another eg. is that for men, at least for me, there is a sense that if career and financial stability should come first, rather than woman/family.

    I dont know why i keep thinking that as long as i have those, i wont have to think about companion, though i'm in a relationship now.

    And I do seek for opinions and directions too! :)

  3. oh ya.. at least what i'm gonna do next is something that both women and men can do:

    Happy Chinese New Year, pearlie!

  4. An interesting blog Pearlie. Regarding men wearing makeup, I think maybe men who are profesionals (office jobs) might, but not in macho jobs, like builders, demolition, plumbers, electricians, etc. Women look nice with makeup on, but I think my wife still looks nice without it when we are home. - Dave

  5. Susan,
    Truth be told, I don't quite bother during the weekends either :) My mom would nag me though! haha

  6. Sze Zeng,
    there is a sense that if career and financial stability should come first, rather than woman/family

    Hmm ... I am no help :) I think to me they are two exclusively different things and should not be mixed together? ... after all God said it is not good for man to be alone on one hand and on the other, He has cursed man with work.

    So I am saying work towards career and financial stability as part of your responsibility but be blessed with a woman who can be your helper as well. It think that should something wise to do, you think?

  7. Sze Zeng,
    Yes, Happy Niu Year to you!!!

  8. Hey Dave!
    Thanks for dropping in once-in-awhile :) I am not sure about professional men wearing make-up unless those in media i.e. in front of a camera.

    I could not find a picture of Jill in your blog but I am sure she is a stunner! :)

  9. Perhaps in terms of evolution, women whose ovum is infinitely more valuable than men's sperm (which is practically limitless the whole of his life) has a inert instinct to look nicer to attract a "higher grade" spouse. It's reproductive and motherly.

    But think about it, basically, the kind of "make up" differs, in time and in cultures. In some cultures/age, the notion of a beautiful woman is slightly more full bodied, but in other culture/times, that would be unattractive. That is subjective, but the principle remains, woman's instinct drives her to look beautiful within the context of her culture/time.

    On the other hand, if I may elaborate from Sze Zeng's comment, man has their social commitment as well. Man are expected to have certain characteristic such as stability and strength. In our culture/time, the "make up" for that is a suit, or even a good job, regardless of what really goes inside the person (i.e. he may be a meek mouse).

    Who knows, in time to come, a beautiful/sexy woman may be one who is a successful career person, while a beautiful/sexy man may be a more metro, more feminine type of male. And that sort of characteristics will help to attract better spouse.

    Steven Sim

  10. Steven,
    I don't quite subscribe to evolution but isn't it more of the male species that are more attractive to attract the female? So maybe it is the same case in human, which is why females then need make up! LOL

    But you are right that "make up" would differ in time and in culture. Thanks for your thoughts!