Calvin's Birthday Party

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Calvin celebrated his birthday with his friends and cousins today.

(Back L-R) Ryan, Sean, Julian, Gaston, Benjamin
(Front L-R) Chloe, Rachel, Chloe, Calvin, Marc, Brian, Amanda

It was a Gadgeteer Party and I baked him a Nintendo DS Cake - some of the kids that came earlier helped decorate it. That was suppose to be Roadcrosser - Calvin's penguin in Club Penguin.

Happy Birthday!

He was then suppose to cut the cake, right? No, he stabbed his penguin.



We all had fun but this mommy is extremely exhausted!

Photos (c) 2009 Pearlie Ng

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5 comment(s)

  1. You can tell they were ALL having a grand time.

  2. Thanks Milly, Susan!
    I am glad the kids did have a good time. That is the hope of every host.

  3. Very sweet... when we started blogging, he was only 8!!!

  4. Julia,
    Indeed - I notice how your three have grown too over the years!