Sunday, February 08, 2009

Growing in abundance!

I posted on 18 August 08 that I bought an aloe vera plant. I don't have a green thumb but I wanted to try growing it anyway.

I took this picture when we first got it.

Look at it now!

Had I not taken the pictures, I wouldnt' have realised how much it has grown.

In comparison to our relationship with God, I wonder how can we measure how much we have grown?



  1. Good thought....I'd say by the amoung of "peace that passeth understanding" that we have would be one way.

  2. I can hardly recognize the man I used to be.. God's influence in my life has changed me.. an old spiritual snapshot would have shown a very judgmental and arrogant young man.. I had a lot of religious pride.. wish I could get ride of it all :)

  3. Look at your plant Pearlie! Well done. A good lesson to show too. - Dave

  4. Good thoughts Susan, Bob,
    but sometimes I feel that the more mature I am, the more I am aware of the lack of peace and the reign of pride. Lately, peace seem to be quite far from me and I have always been battling pride.

  5. Thanks Dave :)
    And I am not really trying hard with this one - I suppose they grow well naturally.

    The other plant I am trying to grow is the sweet basil in my kitchen. One pot is almost dying but I am giving myself one more chance and bought another pot. I tried growing parsley from seeds - they sprouted but that was it!