Monday, February 23, 2009

I am going bonkers

I am really going bonkers. I am working on a paper on Methodism, on the topic of Entire Sanctification. I am okay with the discussion of the doctrine as well as Wesley's methods in promoting it, i.e through prayer, searching of Scripture and observing the Lord's supper.

But what about "their relevance and practicality in any attempt to revitalise the life of the Church today"? How should I answer it without sounding "duh!" as in, we have to prayer more, read the Scripture more and observe the Lord's Supper more. Help!



  1. entire sanctification; this is interesting topic!

    How yu perceive it? means a stage of very spiritual, causing a person does not sin anymore?

    how yu perceive it, determine its relevance in today's life..

  2. Hi,
    I was going on and going typing a comment to reply you only to realise you just might be helping me in my working it out rather than asking me to tell you. Am I right? :)

    BTW, what does your name mean?

  3. Thanks 不肖生 Sceptics -- I am getting somewhere now :)

  4. I think you summed it up well Pearly. I was Methodist, but now Methodism is dying out here for European chuch goers. Now they have mainly Samoans and other Islanders who live here. - Dave

  5. sceptics is a branch of ancient Greek thinkers...haha!

    I dont know, what you understand by entire sanctification, so how would I comment?

    maybe we understand it differently...??

  6. Wesley fared within a unique context of 18th century, and in the specific British slump and wild wild west of US , ha!

    that time he said, earn all yu can, and give all yu can..

    but nowadays, we are highly urbanised, materialistic...our consensus is ,,, earn all you can, then spend all you can...

    so how?

    can methodism fares again? I agree with Dave. susah lah...

    Methodism, especially entire sanctification, is deeply rooted, and thrive only by euphoria of revivalism....

    wait lah, till current recession plunges into great depression, then man no choice, cry out to God, and then, revival comes...

    then , ,,,

    I think , Luther ideas could fare now, much better than the rigid methodism..

    BYW, Luther does not agree with wesleyan 's entire sanctification....

    I think so...